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10 Things to know before choosing a Muslim Marriage Website

Muslim Marriage Sites_Graphic_collageMore and more Muslim matchmaking sites keep popping up which makes picking one SUCK!  I guess knowing what you want, helps.  Whether you want a site just to meet people, date, poke, hang out or get Hitched. Wait! Date? Yes! Sadly some of these Muslim Marriage sites encourage dating freely. Well who am I to judge.

Here are the Top 10 Things you should know before ‘marrying’ a Muslim Marriage website:

  1. Make sure they are for Muslims first! Pretty obvious right. You’d be surprised as to how many aren’t just for Muslims. If you are Muslim, ideally you would want to marry a Muslim, so having Non-Muslims on the site doesn’t make sense right? Well, financially it does, to them. Catch my drift.
  2. Take a look at both, the general everybody sites, as well as the specific more religious niche sites. What I mean is some Muslim marriage sites do adhere strictly to the Sharia (Islamic Law) and don’t allow instant messaging, winks, gifts, chat rooms and are pretty serious about marriage than other more liberal sites that do allow everything under the sun, and then some. Choose where you want to be. The general sites with everyone or the niche sites with more like-minded individuals. The difference may be the number of members, with niche sites having less members.  Only you know what’s best for you or you can ask your parents, you aren’t a mama’s boy if you take their advice in this. Although I could be wrong.
  3. Make sure the site is from a trusted source or well established. is probably something you want to stay away from.
  4. If you are going to pay for something online, make sure its secure, people. That means that there should be a little “s” after the http or you should see a lock of some kind in the address bar. Sometimes the address bar is colored greed or blue as well. This also depends on which browser you are using. Often too many people lose their identity by trusting non-secure sites.
  5. Customer Service.I know some Muslim Marriage sites aren’t known for their customer service, but if you are going to pay hard earned or borrowed cash, expect to be served with more than just a FAQ’s page.  A solid customer service desk or call center should be available to all paid members.
  6. I don’t recommend going with the completely free Muslim Marriage sites. Does anything like that even exist.? Well if it does, steer clear.Nothing is free. Free meaning anyone and everyone, married or not, joins the site, because it’s FREE! Not to mention a shower of ads and pop-ups. How else do they make money? Your generous Donations!
  7. Research before you buy. Just Google it. If they are reputable, as they should be, then you should find some reviews, press releases or articles on the Internet about them.
  8. Price! Our favorite yet most hated feature. Spending hundreds of dollars every year can add up and for most of us who are still in college or recent graduates, money is scarce. Some of us have to save up to be poor. (OK bad joke). Get your money’s worth!
  9. Fake profiles. Many sites have these perfect beautiful people with very interesting profiles that all seem to be interested in the newbie, you! Too good to be true? It probably is. Many sites send messages to new registrants from these perfect profiles, in hopes that you sign up for their paid membership plans. How else are you going to reply back to Mr. or Ms. Right?. These are luring tactics that are used to retain members as well as make a profit from fooling you. “I ain’t no fool!”. Maybe so, but you would be surprised at how many do fall in that trap.
  10. Sign up for more than one Muslim Marriage site. In fact, sign up for a few. Not only will this make you more available on different networks, but it will also give you an idea of which site works best for you. In turn, you can decide where to spend your precious time and money.

While these may or may not work, one thing that you can be sure will work is making dua to ALLAH swt, to help you find someone that is best for you. After all, HE is the main marriage planner, and has already planned your marriage in advance. No procrastination there! We just have to put in the effort and leave the rest up to ALLAH.

The Author of this post is Ahmed

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