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Introducing a New Approach to Online Muslim Matrimonials

Taking a unique approach to online matrimonials,MarryMeMuslim has succeeded in creating a matching engine to help young Muslims find their soul mate. The match results directly correlate to the answers provided by members when they join the site. Many single Muslims seeking their life partner are challenged with the diverse and often overwhelming issues of faith, personality, and lifestyle. To that end members are presented with specific questions, the answers to which are matched against those of every other member on the site.

The matrimonial service targets single Muslims of all races as it attempts to quantify a process that is subjective for all intents and purposes. A Muslim’s lifestyle is often shaped by his or her faith. Some consider themselves to be socially conservative when in fact they may be quite liberal to someone else. As a result these terms become meaningless and often fail to provide any background about an individual. Dating is generally discouraged, thereby enforcing the need to query any prospects that may come about. No individual appreciates the third degree when meeting someone new. Answering personal questions on a web form is much different since there is no one to impress (or let down). This is impossible with the current matrimonial sites on the Internet, which focus on a few pieces of information and avoid asking questions that really matter.

The landscape changes further for individuals that are divorced. There exists a stigma within the Muslim community that is only understood by those that have experienced it. It’s not the tradition or the culture that fails, “Everyone has a different personality, and everyone has their own expectations of marriage and what they look for in a spouse,” says MarryMeMuslim’s founder. He learned from his experience, and felt he could help his fellow brothers and sisters by asking how they live their life in terms of family and religion, and what their expectations are of a spouse and of a marriage. The website will attempt to take care of the rest.

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