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- Marriage site review

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  • Members:

    3,200 Active Members

  • Price:

    $19/month to $84/year

  • Region:

    US/Canada/UK (75.2%)

Half Our Deen: Probably the most private muslim matrimony site out there. For those who don’t want everyone to know they are joining a marriage website.  It was done by none other than the famous Baba Ali. I love that guy’s videos, Hilarious! I like the fact that they have an option for parents/guardians to be involved.  The site was launched about 5  yrs back by none other than the famous Baba Ali. I love that guy’s videos, Hilarious!  This matchmaking site is a bit different form the traditional marriage sites. Both with the same goal but different avenues to get there. Half Our Deen seems to be using a new Algorithm of some sort to match members in different levels of compatibility. Kind of like the or of the Muslim world. One thing I like about it is that, you don’t pay, you don’t register. A great way to filter out people who are just looking for fun. Definitely for the serious minded Muslim. Overall, worth the shot. Cant beat it at $7/month (only with annual subscription of $84 due upfront)


  1. Very private
  2. Serious minded Muslims
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Always improving
  5. Parent/Wali option


  1. Member count
  2. Majority of member in US, Canada and UK


  • Compatibility preferences
  • Personal questions
  • Percentage matching

Membership Types:

Paid membership rates

  1. 1 month - $19
  2. 3 months - $39
  3. 12 months - $84

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